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AI Model training

We provide stable supplies of GPU chips and servers suitable for AI training


ARM-based AI Solution

We offer ARM-based solutions for AI inference and edge computing


AIGC Applications

We are the first company in Japan to offer "Build Your Own AI Model" products targeting individual users that can build original AI models (tuning, training, and customization).


AIGC - Virtual Human Avatar

Highly personalized, life-like digital avatars are bound to bring in some new winds to the way we perceive digital realm; they will redefine how we interact with one another and how we express ourselves, guiding us further down onto the path of Artificial Intelligence.

AI Training

We distribute NVIDIA GPU chips (Models H100 and A100) in Japan, which are highly demanded in the market as they are used as the standard chips by the internet giants for LLM development.

ARM-based Hardware and Solutions
AI Inference

Our ARM-based hardware and solutions are not only high in performance; they are scalable, flexible, and fit for on-demand customization. They are also designed to be energy efficient and optimized to reduce unnecessary costs.


Integrated hardware and software
Highest level of information security
Thorough data confidentiality

Edge Computing Server

Sufficient storage capacity
High compatibility suitable for a wide variety of options
Extensive functionality

Cloud Game

Stable connectivity with minimal latency
Performance-oriented, high-spec hardware
Streamlined UX under user first approach
AIGC- AI Generated contents

See it for yourself! You can try our "Build Your Own AI Model," which we are currently undergoing a free trial period to ensure the quality of our AI products. We are plannig to convert them to subsription-fee based services in the near future, so please give it a try before the offer ends.

AI Artist

Generative AI model with excellent operability in many fields, with "image generation from prompts" and "image generation based on original images


LLM AI generation model optimized for prompting in Japanese. AI characters with various characteristics are deployed.

AI Photo Studio

Just upload a few photos of your face, and the AI will immediately learn your facial features. A wide variety of styles of photos can be generated in real-time.

Coming Soon
AIGC - Digitalmate
AI App

With highly personalized, life-like digital expressions, our Digitalmate will shift the way we perceive our digital world. This innovation will redefine how we interact with one another and how we express ourselves, enabling Quantum Solutions to move deeper into artificial intelligence.


Product features:

Exceptional data processing and analytical capabilities

Supports natural language processing

Online training and e-learning are available

Automation of various tasks is possible

Advanced security and privacy protection

Generous assistance services with automated customer support

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Company Profile.

We are a provider of products and services related to the AI value chain, including a stable supply of GPU chips and servers for AI training, ARM-based solutions for AI inference and edge computing, self-developed AIGC SaaS products and cloud computing solutions.


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