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Quantum Solutions

Company Profile

Who We Are?

Quantum Solutions Co. Ltd. is a leading AI company based in Japan. We were established in 1999. We now specialize in delivering comprehensive hardware and software solutions for businesses and individuals who want to harness the power of AI. Our goal at Quantum Solutions is to revolutionize the AI industry by offering cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions, and exceptional customer support. We are dedicated to handling a one-stop solution that can handle all of your AI needs.

About Us.
In the realm of hardware, Quantum Solutions provides GPU sales and distribution services, including NVIDIA chips and GPU servers, as well as ARM-based solutions and cloud phones. Leveraging our expertise in AI and cloud technologies, we also offer a range of software and applications such as Digitalmate/Avatar, GeneratorAI, CloudAI, and Mobile Gaming. Our solutions encompass comprehensive generative AI and cloud-based technologies.
Our Aim.

Our ultimate aim is to

redefine the landscape of AI-focused business solutions in Japan

embrace the next generation of technological advancements.

Company Overview.
  • Company Name

    Quantum Solutions Co.,Ltd. (Code:2338)

  • Established

    Established 1999 IPO date, November 19, 2002 by Nomura

  • Address

    〒102-0073. Kudan VIGAS Bldg. 3F, 1-10-9 Kudan Kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Japan.(MAP)

  • Capital

    ¥3,268 million

  • Number of Employees

    52 (consolidated basis)

  • Business Purpose

    ・GPU Hardware and Cloud based Software Solutions
    ・Mobile Gaming Solutions and Distribution

  • Directors

    Representative Director & Chairman Takeo Kawamura
    Representative Director & President Francis B . Zhou
    Director  Hajime Tabata
    Director  Linda L . Peng
    Director  Tung Chun Fai
    Director  Yuji Fukuda

    Audit & Supervisory Committee Members
    Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)  Hiroyuki Mimaki
    Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)  Yuki Arai
    Director (Audit and Supervisory Committee Member)  Makiya Hikasa

    Executive Management
    CEO, President                                     Francis B . Zhou
    COO, Executive VP                              Linda L . Peng
    Global CFO . CIO, Executive VP        Sam D . Lin

  • Bank

    MUFG Bank, Ltd. Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

  • Consolidated Subsidiary Company

    Quantum Solution Asia Limited
    Quantum FOMM Limited
    PROCARE Lab co,.Ltd.
    Bit One Co.,Ltd.
    Cross One Co.,Ltd.


Find Our Office.

Kudan VIGAS Bldg. 3F,
1-10-9 Kudan Kita, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo Japan.

4 minutes walk from Kudanshita Station Exit 5 on the Toei Shinjuku Line, Hanzomon Line, and Tozai Line.
7 minutes walk from Jimbocho Station A2 Exit on Toei Shinjuku Line, and Toei Mita Line.
10 minutes on foot from Iidabashi Station A2 Exit on Tokyo Metro Tozai Line.
8 minutes on foot from Suidobashi Station West Exit 1 on JR East.

Contact Us

3F Kudan VIGAS Bldg
1-10-9 Kudan Kita, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo Japan 102-0073